Dear CEA Friends and Supporters:

Joy and peace to you in Christ! The year-end of 2016 is approaching quickly. Hope you had a productive and joyful year. We are very thankful to God for opening many doors for CEA to reach out students and young professionals in 2016.

Boston local chapter organized 17 seminars, workshops, advanced classes and group discussions this year. We received very positive feedback from many young brothers and sisters who attended these activities. Thanks to brother Frank Huang and his team for their dedication and great effort. Please feel free to contact brother Frank Huang ( if you are interested in joining the Boston local chapter activity.

I believe you probably learnt from news report regarding DuPont/Dow Chemical merger and downsizing. This merger had big impact to DuPont employees in Delaware. Delaware local chapter has really done a great job in helping brothers and sisters who were affected by the DuPont/Dow Chemical merger and downsizing. They co-sponsored a seminar series entitled “STARTUP 101: A PERSONAL JOURNEY” to support people been laid off from DuPont. Several CEA members shared their personal experience and lessons in starting up a company, especially their personal testimony for God’s guidance and protection. A total of 8 seminars were held between February and April 2016. Thanks to brother Yuhua Li and the team for coordinating these activities.

In addition to the local chapter activities CEA annual meeting held in Boston on October 1 was well attended. The theme of the meeting was “覺醒,扭轉,蛻變”. We invited brother David Wu, President of Accuview Inc., Roger Kung, Former president of Motorola Asia PCS, Sean Wang, founder and managing director of B&W TEK Inc. and Ben Hsu, Chief Administrative Officer of QPS Holdings, LLC and General Manager of QPS, LLC to speak at the annual meeting. The audience really enjoyed and benefited from the speaker’s face-to-face sharing of their personal career growth and valuable life transformation experience.

CEA has published eight issues of newsletters in 2016 containing personal testimonies and training tools useful to young professionals. Thanks to sister Sang Xu and the team for their tireless effort to get the newsletters published intime. CEA has also started a new initiative namely “Sheep-at-work” to upgrade its website. The online mentoring function is one of specific features in the new design. This function is in response to the request of many brothers and sisters who are seeking for mentors and timely one-to-one communication. This work will be completed in 2017. We are very excited about this new feature and very much appreciative of brother David Wu’s effort in leading this taskforce. Please stay tuned for the update.

As the New Year is in front of the door we look forward to embracing all the challenges and opportunities to serve more brothers and sisters in the work place and business field. We will continue to strive for fulfilling the CEA purpose “为在商場及職場的華人基督徒提供培訓交流平台,建立目標導向生活,做鹽發光,榮神益人” and mission “在商場及職場上影响生命,改變生命,成全生命,彰顯生命”。

To make the CEA service more effective and to a broader scale we encourage your active participation in the CEA ministry and appreciate any suggestions that you can give to us. Please feel free to contact us if your church or fellowship is interested in learning more about CEA or likes to invite us to provide workshops helping young professionals for their career planning, discipleship at marketplace and balanced Christian life ( .

Thanks to you again for your faithful support of CEA and keeping CEA in your prayer. May the peace and blessings to you and your family from our God and Christ during this Christmas season and the coming New Year

Frank Lee
Chair, Chinese Entrepreneur Association

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