January 3, 2018

Dear CEA Members and Friends:

Year 2017 was running so fast to reach its end.  Looking back, we have many things to be grateful for the grace of God.  CEA had another cheerful year in helping Christian entrepreneurs and young professionals.  Local chapters organized a number of workshops. Thanks to Pastor Xiao Yuang’s invitation, Frank visited芥菜种华人浸信会 (Mustard Seed Chinese Baptist Church) in Potomac, MD in last July,  shared the CEA ministry and had warm fellowship with MSCBC brothers and sisters.  CEA also held its annual meeting at Newark, Delaware in last September. We chose “Collaboration, Breakthrough and Expansion” as the theme of the meeting which is to remind the audience that these are the spirit of entrepreneurship. Elaine Kung, Roger Kung and Sean Wang were the invited meeting keynote speakers.  Elaine talked about “在職場上發揮你的影響力”,  Roger shared “我們對創業應有的認知” and Sean presented “創業應有的條件及準備”.  David Wu, Steve Bai and Mengchi Chen shared their start-up experience followed by the penal discussion with Yuhua Li, Heng Guo, David Wu, Kaizhi Tang, Daniel Yang and Steve Bai as the panelists.  The meeting was video recorded and posted on the CEA website (http://www.ceaa.org).  Please take a moment to view the recording.  You will find it very informative and educational.

Year 2018 is going to be an exciting year! CEA will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Yes, CEA has served the Christian entrepreneurs and young professionals for 20 years since its inception in 1998.  In the past 20 years, we have witnessed the dramatic changes of global economical and political environment as the result of technology advancement and the shift of market landscape.  These changes had significant influence on the post 1990 generations and also had a big impact on the mission field, making the workplace/ marketplace ministry an important harvest field. As Christian entrepreneur or professional we should ask ourselves how we would not be influenced by the world but be the light and salt of Jesus Christ so that we can  impact the world in a positive way.  There are many opportunities presented to us in 2018 to turn the tide around and to glorify His name in the workplace / marketplace.

In addition to the workshops and annual meeting, CEA will put much effort on individual and small group mentoring in 2018.  We find it a very effective way to help Christian entrepreneurs and young professionals.  Please come to attend the CEA workshops and meetings to know each other and find your mentor.  Announcement will be made in CEA newsletters to inform you where and when the workshops and meetings will be held.

As the New Year starts, your sincere prayer is needed for asking God to guide us walking through the challenging path to fulfill His commission.  Let’s also pray for each other asking God to keep us as His faithful disciples to fulfil the CEA purpose “为在商場及職場的華人基督徒提供培訓交流平台,建立目標導向生活,做鹽發光,榮神益人” and mission “在商場及職場上影响生命,改變生命,成全生命,彰顯生命”。

I’d like to encourage you to contact us (info@ceaa.org) if your church or fellowship is interested in learning more about CEA or likes to invite us to provide workshops helping young professionals with their career planning and discipleship at the marketplace.

Thanks to you again for your continuous and faithful support to CEA and please keep CEA in your daily prayer. May our Lord protect you and guide you according to His will in the New Year.

Serve together in Christ


Frank Lee

Chair, Chinese Entrepreneur Association


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